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Steve Hanrahan

Licensee Salesperson

Steve has called Queenstown home for 20 years, originally from England, he came here and quickly fell in love with the Queenstown way of life and the strong community feel that has kept him here. Steve's background, in the UK service industry, meant that working for high performing companies such as National Car Rental, Pentax, and Lego, he developed a passion for brand recognition. Now believing that you should believe in the brand you work for, in yourself, and in your community and that's why he has found a home at Ray White.

Steve has worked in the hospitality industry in Queenstown rising to the position of Chief Concierge for the Rees Hotel in Queenstown, and operated his own concierge company from 2014 until 2020 when the world stopped traveling. At that point, he moved into Real Estate and he has felt at home ever since, with the thrill of closing a sale and the elation you feel when you tell someone that they have had their offer accepted, or the sale has gone through for a vendor is something that cannot be described. Steve's testimonials all mention a collaboration or that they felt calmed by his approach and that nothing was too much for him to deal with.  

Steve has a strong, tireless dedication to his buyers or the vendors, and twinned with his work ethic means he is perfectly suited to real estate. His strong sense of community shows with the sponsorship of the Queenstown Bowling Club and Arrowtown Golf Club to name a few.

You'll often find him on the golf course or playing darts at the local clubs as well as shouting on the sidelines for his kids' sports activities.

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