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Q and A Featuring Pieter Werbrouck

I am bringing my house to the market. What are the key points to enhance its appeal and get a premium result for the sale of our home?

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

An excellent test is to go outside, close your eyes and say to yourself… “I’m a buyer seeing this house for the first time! “. Go right through the house and look at it as a potential buyer would.

In preparing your home for the market, the aim is to spend as little money as possible to enhance its appeal.

Here are a few tips on helping you get a better price for the sale of your home:

  • Have A Spring Clean…
    Sounds obvious, but what a difference a spring clean can make. Carpet cleaning can help make a home look and even smell much more inviting, particularly if pets are present. And when windows sparkle the whole home seems to take on more vitality and life.
  • Flowers & Warmth
    Fresh flowers are always welcoming in a home and sometimes smell wonderful too. During summer open all windows and doors to the sun. In winter have the fire or heater going to warm the home up.
  • Make The Most Of Your Space…
    Space is another significant universal requirement so make the most of it by ‘creating’ a feeling of space. You can do this by removing clutter, storing things in boxes … even re-arranging the furniture. Make the most of the space in every room.
  • Spruce Up The Paint Work…
    When it’s necessary, sprucing up the paint work can be an investment that pays big dividends. But remember it needs to be done well, rough edges or paint on the windows will send all the wrong signals to prospective buyers.
  • And Don’t Forget The Bathroom and Laundry…
    If mildew is present, use a commercially available mildew remover to give these naturally damp areas a fresh look. And if there’s lino on the floor which needs replacement, do so with a relatively nondescript pattern. Obviously new lino can often lead to a suspicion about what may be ‘hidden’ beneath.
  • Kitchens Are Important Too…
    And don’t be fooled into thinking that kitchens are only important to women, many men play an active role in kitchens too. The two key things which can most readily be done to improve the look are replacing cupboard doors (using the existing doors as templates) and, budget permitting, replacing the bench top unit. Both of these are considered purchases but in the right circumstances, can be well worth the investment.

As a vendor, do your homework. Check out the competition, understand the market and think about what buyers want.

I am happy to assist you in getting your home ready for the market and offer you a free property appraisal. I have the local and market knowledge to help you get a good idea of what your property is worth today.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Pieter Werbrouck

021 0272 9043

Ray White Queenstown

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