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Iso-vival Guide 2020 – Part 1

By Emma Wilson

At a loss as to how to spend your days for the next few weeks? We’re here to help! Our Iso-vival Guide will give you some inspo on how to pass the time and have some fun with your iso-buddies. Stay safe, stay home.

Friday Night – Iso-date Night:
Listen to a Spooky Old-time Radio Show

Cuddle up with the one you love the most, dim the lights and scare yourselves silly with a scratchy old skool radio show.
Here are some suggestions…

Night Beat – ‘The Black Cat’

Here, Chicago Star reporter, Randy Stone (played by Frank Lovejoy) finds himself mixed up in a murder plot, with one body on the sidewalk and more to come, and they’re all connected to a mischievous and ever-present black cat that seems to have more than the standard nine lives. A nice mix of Halloween superstitions and crime tropes in this one. Listen HERE.

The Mercury Theater on the Air, with Orson Welles – ‘Dracula’

Welles ran a renowned theater troupe and made the leap from stage to radio with these longer, large-cast productions of famous stories and novels, including this atmospheric rendering of the classic vampire tale. The first half is creepier than the second, and the story is severely truncated, but it was more enjoyable than I initially expected, especially the section about the fate of the poor Demeter. Listen HERE.

Suspense – ‘The Hitchhiker’

Another Welles’ story here, with a great introduction by the famed actor himself. This tale finds him driving cross country along the back roads of America, except he’s followed by a ghost, or an apparition, or…something worse? Listen HERE.

Quiet Please – ‘Don’t Tell Me About Halloween’

This is less spooky and more lighthearted, about a man who meets a witch, marries her, and grows to regret it each Halloween. Until the Halloween he decides he’d rather kill her than remain the target of her affections. But how does one kill a witch? Listen HERE.

Suspense – ‘Ghost Hunt’

A “found tape” from a wireless recorder in an abandoned home reveals a radio show host and a ghost hunter attempted a stakeout for an evening in a cursed house, but as the night progresses, the events grow stranger as bats, noises, bloodstains, and then unseen guests appear. Will either make it out alive? Listen HERE.

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